Why Do I  Need a File Shredder?

Why Do I Need a File Shredder?

There are many reasons why you should use a file shredder when deleting files.

Did you know…

  • Files that you have deleted or emptied from the recycle bin are merely hidden, marked as deleted but not really removed from your hard drive and can be recovered with widely available data recovery software.
  • Reformatting your hard drive does not guarantee that your data is destroyed.
  • Loaning, selling, or donating your computer without properly destroying sensitive data first is an invitation to identity theft and allows thieves to easily access your personal information.
  • Using a public computer, whether at a library, internet cafe, school, university lab, or other public network without properly shredding your cookies (that can store login information) may put you at risk to unauthorized users being able to access your online accounts.

How Can a File Shredder Help to Protect My Privacy?

The best way to protect your privacy is to use a professional digital file shredder such as AceErase File Shredder to permanently overwrite and shred any sensitive files or data on your computer before deleting them.

Everyone knows that at home they should use a paper shredder to shred and destroy sensitive documents such as bills, credit card statements, tax returns, and other confidential papers before you put them in the trash. Likewise, you should also shred and destroy sensitive files and documents on your computer before you delete them so that they can not be recovered or restored by widely available data recovery programs. Think of AceErase as your ‘paper shredder’ but for digital files on your computer.

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