IT Works Software has released AceErase 1.5 Professional File Shredder

IT Works Software has released AceErase 1.5 Professional File Shredder

AceErase® 1.5 Professional File Shredder Released

IT Works Software, Inc. has released AceErase® 1.5 Professional File Shredder. AceErase is an easy to use, secure file shredder and history eraser program in one, designed to help users protect their privacy while online and off.

AceErase is a data file shredder and history eraser program for your computer. Currently, it provides five powerful digital data shredding algorithms that are Department of Defense (DOD) strength and stronger. These algorithms securely overwrite the data in your files to permanently delete that data and prevent its recovery forever!

Why should you shred your data?

When you delete files or when you empty your Recycle Bin, those files are not really deleted! In order to make the deletion operation faster, Windows® simply marks the file as deleted, but the contents of that file remain on your hard drive indefinitely. There are many file recovery tools available on the market today which allow those files to be easily restored.

Some data recovery utilities even claim they can recover your files even after the hard drive has been formatted! If you are planning on loaning, selling, or donating your computer, you should properly destroy any sensitive data using a file shredder such as AceErase first, otherwise your sensitive information can be easily compromised.

AceErase Pro shreds your sensitive files, (even those in your Recycle Bin) by using Department of Defense strength shredding algorithms to permanently destroy, wipe, and erase those selected files (or even entire folders) from your hard drive, making it impossible to recover that data again.

Shred Your Tracks!

But AceErase Pro doesn’t stop there. It’s not just a file and folder shredder, it also uses the same powerful shredding engine to shred, not just delete, your Internet Explorer browsing history and traces of your computer activity using it’s Shred Your Tracks feature.

Don’t just delete it, shred it!

AceErase Pro’s Shred Your Tracks feature allows you to not just delete, but shred…

  • IE’s Temporary Internet Files (Internet Cache)
  • IE’s Internet Cookies
  • IE’s Internet History
  • IE’s Address Bar History List
  • Your Recently Opened Documents List
  • Your Computer’s Start/Run History List
  • Your Local Temporary Files
  • Recycle Bin Contents
  • Shred file tips (cluster tips, file slack) automatically
  • Unused free space on all of your hard drives

All from one convenient location at the click of a button!

Additional Features

Easy to use and configure!
AceErase File Shredder features a simple drag and drop interface, and was created with the non-technical user in mind. AceErase provides plenty of context sensitive help and tool-tips through out the program, as well as a comprehensive help file, and free technical support.

AceErase Error Log
The AceErase log records any errors, warnings, or program messages. A quick ’shred log’ option is provided on the toolbar.

Check for Updates Option
AceErase includes an option to ‘Check for Updates’. If an update is available it will automatically be downloaded and installed for your convenience. Updates are provided for free for both the free trial and professional versions (until the next major version release).

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Designed for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 (Windows Vista coming soon!)

Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer

Get the Free Trial

A free trial version of AceErase® is available for download at

Buy the Pro Version

AceErase® Professional is available for purchase at and includes free email and web-based technical support. The single user license fee is $19.95. Discounts are available for multi-user licenses.

Product Reviewers

If you would like to evaluate or review AceErase® 1.5 Professional please contact IT Works
Software, Inc.

About IT Works Software

IT Works Software, Inc. specializes in developing easy to use, quality Windows® desktop applications with security in mind. IT Works Software is the developer of AceErase®, an easy to use file shredder and history cleaner tool in one. A woman owned company located in the Inland Empire, IT Works Software was founded by former biometrics security software engineer Maribel Arocha.

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IT Works Software, Inc.
Maribel Arocha, Founder and CEO

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