AceErase File Shredder 2.0 is Released!

AceErase File Shredder 2.0 is Released!

AceErase® File Shredder & History Eraser version 2.0 is now available.

We’ve added some exciting new features…

  • AceErase® 2.0 now supports the new Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, and Windows® 8 operating systems.
  • Clear the swap file (paging file) at system shutdown.
  • Command Line Options for the Shred Your Tracks feature are available. Use them together with the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule automatic shredding of your computer and internet history!
  • A stealth mode, auto shutdown, and a silent mode are now available using the new Command Line Options
  • The AceErase® Log now offers three levels of logging detail: Log nothing, log only errors or warnings, or log everything.
  • Use the Open Item Location Right-Click Menu command to instantly open an item’s location for your review.
  • Disable certain confirmation and warning messages displayed during shredding, and turn them back on when you wish.
  • Dramatic speed improvement for the Gutmann Shredding Algorithm. You will find that shredding using the Gutmann method is now significantly faster!

We hope you like the new features!

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